Social Media Obsession

Social Media Obsession

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

For many it has become an obsession – sharing gossip, posting humorous jokes or family photos, and networking. All this is part of the growing worldwide passion for social media.

A recent survey revealed that there are now more than 4 billion social media users, more than half the world’s population. This increased more than 13% in just one year. On average, people spend more than two hours each day using social media, which is more than 10% of their total awake time.

It seems that everyone is using social media – including older people. The top reasons for using social media? Staying current with news and events, finding amusing content and entertainment, and connecting with friends and family. But more than a third of the time is spent just filling up spare time.

The Bible reminds us that our social lives are important. It is good to interact and show concern for others. But the Bible also warns against letting our lives be dominated by these interactions.

Jesus provided us with an example of balance. He was careful not to let the crowds dominate His schedule but made time with the Father His priority. He knew how easily we can become more concerned about pleasing other people than God.

Ask God to help you keep your social interactions in perspective. Don’t let your life be dominated by what seems popular. Seek first the Kingdom of God.