Sober and Awake

Sober and Awake

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul warned the Thessalonian believers to consider the people around them. Many of them were going through life with a distorted worldview, and an incomplete picture of world events. They did not realize the implications of their own actions and decisions.

This is the context of Paul’s description of being drunk, a condition in which the vision becomes blurry. Those who are drunk lose control and their minds become dull. Their reactions become less sharp, and they have an unrealistic understanding of their actions and also the actions of others.

There are similar implications to being asleep. Sleep symbolizes an existence in which people are unaware of events around them. In this condition, those who are asleep can be vulnerable.

Both activities, getting drunk and being asleep, typically take place at night. Those in either state have a kind of blindness. Regardless of what they think, they cannot see clearly and they don t know the truth.

The answer is to be awake and sober, to live in the light. To realize how easily we can develop distorted ideas. To know why it is important to have a clear vision, to know what really is going on, to have the right understanding.

Today, ask God to give you His perspective on your life and on world events. Seek to stay awake, alert, and guided by His Spirit. Always let Him shine His light on you.