Skilled Garment Makers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Aaron and his sons had a unique position among the children of Israel. They were called to be priests, not to Israel but to God Himself. Because of this calling, they were to dress in a special way, with holy garments, “for glory and for beauty” (v. 2).

Their priestly garments were so unique that it took special people to make them. These were “skillful persons,” gifted by God with “the spirit of wisdom.” These garment makers had been uniquely gifted, so they could serve God in unique ways.

These skilled garment makers were part of a pattern seen throughout the Bible. God continually makes it clear that every person is special in His sight. As Paul wrote, together we are the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:7-20). This means every Believer has a unique role to play. Each one of us has been given special gifts by the Holy Spirit. These are “for the common good.” Regardless of how things might appear on the surface, no one is dispensable. We need each other, regardless of how much attention—or lack of attention—we might receive.

These principles still are true in our lives today. What gifts and resources has God given you? In what ways does He want you to contribute to His Kingdom? How has He called you to serve Him?

Always be ready to give back the time, talent, and treasure you’ve been given. Be ready to answer His call, and serve the Lord with gladness whenever and wherever you are called. Remember: You are special. The whole Body of Christ is counting on you!