Skilled and Trained

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

All of us are blessed with natural abilities. As we recognize these skills, one tendency is to be content with what we have been given. However, the Bible indicates that natural abilities are not enough. God wants us to develop these abilities and resources. Through this development, we can become better servants, and more skilled, as we are trained and instructed.

This was one of the lessons of Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). He praised and rewarded those who invested the talents they were given.

But the one who hid his talent was judged severely. He was “afraid,” and did nothing with the resources he had been given. The response was harsh and unsympathetic. He was called “wicked” and “lazy.” Everything he had been given was taken from him. Why? He did nothing to develop his resources and abilities.

We see this principle in God’s expectations for the musicians who served in Solomon’s temple. First, all of these people had natural abilities. They were “skillful.” The Hebrew word suggests that they were gifted and had talent. They were intelligent, and perceived and paid attention to events and people.

At another level, all of these people still needed to be instructed. (The Hebrew word suggests studying and being taught.)

This underscores the Biblical principle that natural abilities are important, but are not enough. The Bible makes clear that God wants us to develop our natural gifts and learn from others. To be teachable. To be trained and instructed. To invest and apply what we have been given (and not bury our talents).

In your life, ask God to help you recognize the talents He has given you. Seek to be a good steward of these resources. Invest them. Develop them. Put them into practice.