Singing, Clapping, Shouting

Singing, Clapping, Shouting.

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Thinking about life, the psalmist realized all that God had done for Him. And his heart overflowed with gratitude and praise.

He realized that He reigned “over all the earth.” He protects and provides for us, and has given us an inheritance. Because we are His, He subdues peoples and nations. He enables us to triumph in every situation. Because of His faithfulness, we always can trust in Him.

Many people say that they believe these truths but don’t show it through their lives. They do not live in victory. They aren’t filled with joy and really don’t have faith that God will meet their needs. Instead they allow problems, pressures, and temptations to dominate their lives.

Here the psalmist shared a secret: If we want to experience victory, we must not sit by, silently doing nothing, or allow our minds to be dominated by worry and fear. We must not just think about what the Bible says and what we say we believe. No!

We must declare these truths. We must act on them and put our faith into action. We are to express our confidence in very public ways. We are to clap. Not to whisper but shout “with the voice of joy.”

Today, don’t let anything stop you from experiencing victory. Celebrate God’s goodness! Remember: He loves you. He is faithful! He promises to protect and provide for you, and He reigns over the nations. The shields of the earth belong to Him. Thank Him! Clap your hands! Shout to God with the voice of joy! Sing His praises!