Singing the Angels’ Song

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A precocious child, Frances Havergal started reading when she was four. Inspired by the example of her father, a noted hymn writer, she began writing poems at age seven. Born on this day in England in 1836, she was committed to reaching others with the Gospel.

Writing, “Now Let Us Sing the Angels’ Song,” her thoughts turned to the message of the angels brought to the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. Her focus was not on being a silent witness but our response. Being an active participant.

She reminds us of the “sweet and clear” song when heav’nly light and music fell on earthly eye and ear.” To realize that this was about Jesus, “our Savior King.” This was an invitation to join in the praise and declare “Glory to God, and on earth peace.”

As with so many of her hymns, Francis wanted this hymn to point people back to the need to know the Savior, and realize why He came. For “He came to tell the Father’s love, His goodness, truth and grace.” In a dark world, He came to “show the brightness of His smile, the glory of His face, with His own light.”

We can rejoice because Jesus came to bring “true peace and perfect rest” to the weary. He came “to take away the guilt and sin” that everyone, “great and small might hear His call, and all in Him be blessed.”

Frances reminded us that Jesus came “because He loved us.” He came to live and die that we might “raise on high.”

As you ponder the birth of Jesus, remember to celebrate. Join with the angels, believers throughout the world, and the heavenly throng around the throne. Praise Him. Spread the Word!