Simple Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Antonin Dvorák became one of the most beloved composers of the nineteenth century. Born on this day in 1841 in what is today the Czech Republic, his most famous work was his “New World” symphony, written during three years he spent in the United States.

Dvorák was known as a friendly man with a genial nature. As musicologist Jeremy Siepmann has noted, Dvorák also was a “devoutly religious” man. He had a faith in God that was “unquestioning” and “all pervasive.” He simply trusted in God throughout his life.

He needed this faith, particularly when he went through periods of great difficulty. In fact, several of his children died. But “it was his belief in God above all else that sustained him.” This complete trust characterized his music and made it warm and heartwarming, uplifting and positive.

But his humility, and the simplicity of his faith, did not limit his creativity. In fact, these characteristics infused his music with boldness and innovation. And it allowed him great freedom because he believed that he simply was writing “what God tells me to do.”

Many people in our modern world argue that it is foolish to have faith in God. To many, this kind of faith is naïve and childish. But, in the sight of God, it is this childlike faith that opens the door to blessings, and to spiritual riches and power. In fact, Jesus said that we cannot even enter God’s Kingdom unless we approach it like a child.

Are you allowing doubt to keep you from trusting in God? Have you given in to the skeptics who question His Word? Put aside the opinions of foolish human beings. Approach God and His Word just like a child. Believe Him. Trust Him. Have faith in Him.