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Fashion and style are the driving force of much commerce—the passion of men and women who are eager to look their best. Many people are fascinated by the study of color patterns, and they crave fabrics with special textures.

For centuries, silk was central to this craving. It was discovered in northern China, where silkworms feasted upon the leaves of mulberry trees, spinning a cocoon from a single strand of silk that could be up to a mile long. This process was fragile, requiring the development of special techniques to ensure that only quality silk was developed.

Silk was considered so special that the production process was a state secret in China. Anyone caught sharing this information with foreigners or transporting silkworm eggs or silkworms out of China would be executed.

Eventually, the silkworms, secrets, and mulberry trees were transported to Korea, Japan, and other nations that began producing their own silk. Yet Chinese silks were considered the best. This silk was so important that the road connecting Europe with China became known as the “Silk Road.”

Many in New Testament times had a strong interest in clothes and fashion. For example, Lydia was “a seller of purple fabrics.” Although this was her profession, she also was known as “a worshiper of God” and as one who had responded to the Gospel. Even while engaging in the marketplace, she kept the right priorities.

For some people, fashion and style can become obsessions. But Lydia showed the importance of maintaining God’s priorities, being concerned less with appearance and more about our heart. She was adorned with “good works” and a life of godliness (1 Timothy 2:9-10).

Don’t let your life be dominated by the things of the world. Be sure that your heart is right with God. Serve Him, and seek the priorities of His Kingdom.