Shielded & Encouraged

Shielded and Encouraged

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Throughout his life, David faced many types of opposition and many problems. In his younger years, some doubted that he could slay Goliath and scoffed when he accepted this challenge. His life was threatened by Saul, who viewed David as a rival for the throne. As a leader of Israel’s armies, he faced opponents who were better equipped and had a numerical advantage.

In times like these, David realized that his “adversaries have increased.” They rose up against him. He heard cries that he could not possibly be successful and that defeat was inevitable.

During those times, David learned to depend on God. Others might attack him, but God was “a shield” about him. Others might doubt him and make him feel discouraged. But God would encourage and assure him and give him confidence.

When David cried, the Lord answered. Suddenly, he was so calm that he could lie down and sleep, knowing that “the Lord sustain[ed]” him (v. 5). He might have been surrounded by powerful enemies, but David was delivered from every fear because he depended on God.

These same principles are true for you. No matter what you face, God is with you. No matter the size of your problems, you can depend on Him. Remember that He is “a shield” about you. As you cry out to Him, trust Him to renew you, give you His strength, remove your fears, and give you His peace.