Sharing the Good News

Sharing the Good News

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Secrecy. For generations, this had been the standard attitude of many scientists, astronomers, and mathematicians. Author Edward Dolnick describes how it was “taken for granted that a person who made a discovery should keep the knowledge to himself.”

The feeling had been developed that discoveries were like maps that revealed the location of buried treasure. Why, it was assumed, would anyone even consider giving away such valuable information? Many simply thought they should hold on to their discoveries, and seek to take advantage of them for themselves.

Gradually this view came under attack. One such change was initiated by the Royal Society of London in the 17th century, which began encouraging a “radically new approach.” This was the sharing of knowledge, and discussing discoveries in an open way.

The theory was that this exchange would inspire even more discoveries. Some resisted this change, but gradually this attitude became more widely accepted. As predicted, it led to more innovations and breakthroughs.

The Bible reminds us that the Gospel is like a treasure which changes everything and opens the door to an amazing new life (Matthew 13:44). We are not to hoard this treasure but look for opportunities to share what God has done for us. To tell others the life-changing discoveries that happen through faith in Christ. To let them know this Good News.

Sharing our testimony is to be a central part of a believer’s life. Jesus said that we were not to keep our testimony secret but let our light shine so everyone can see (Matthew 5:16-17). To spread the Word.

Today, remember that you have the opportunity to share this treasure. To impact others through the way you live, what you do and say. Be ready to show and tell others how God has blessed you.