What Is Shaping Your Children?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Who is raising our children? Many parents simply assume they are the primary teachers. But there is growing evidence that much of the education of our young children actually is being done…by television.

Recently, a study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine reported that 97 percent of mothers with 6-month-olds expose their children to TV or radio on an average of two hours per day! They warn that this level of exposure is very unhealthy, and many children are “consuming too much media.”

It has become far too easy and convenient to use television as a babysitter. In the process, TV has become a teacher in many homes, even a surrogate parent. But stop to consider what attitudes are being taught through television! What is the long-term impact on a child’s thoughts, behavior, and beliefs?

In addition to shaping the attitudes of our children, the media forms habits that can last a lifetime. Instead of basing our lives on the timeless Word of God, many of us line up our lives with the standards in movies and TV programs. Perhaps without even knowing it, we let the media shape our beliefs about politics, fashions, morals, even our faith and attitude toward God and the Bible.

Today, think about the media’s role in your life. Has it become your teacher? Are you allowing TV programs, movies, and websites to shape your attitudes? What role does TV play in the life of your family? Make sure you are basing your attitudes and beliefs not on the media, but on the Word of God. Be on guard about what you allow into your home, and dedicate your resources to creating Christ-centered alternatives.