Shallow Followers

Shallow Followers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Huge crowds followed Jesus. On the surface, they seemed delighted by His message. But the reality was different.

They heard Jesus “gladly.” But the Greek word here comes from the root for the English word hedonism. This word means the pursuit of pleasure. In other words, the crowds cheered Jesus because at that moment they were pleased. This was the shallow delight of temporary entertainment. Their senses were satisfied.

But this was not a reaction of commitment. They were not really His disciples or ready to follow wherever Jesus led them. When His messages became more challenging, these people were nowhere to be found. Just like the disciples after Jesus was arrested in the garden, they were not willing to stand by His side (Mark 14:32-43).

Many people have this same kind of shallow commitment. They are interested in Jesus’ teachings as long as He doesn’t call them to change. They are like the seed sown upon rocky places who received the word with joy but only have a temporary commitment (Mark 4:16-17).

Don’t be like these fair-weather believers, only following Jesus when it is convenient, when you think He just confirms your choices. If you want to be His disciple, make a total commitment. Surrender your life to Him. Be prepared to follow Him wherever He leads. Serve Him regardless of what happens. He promises not to give you shallow pleasures but the deeper, lasting joy of the Spirit.