Servant and Apostle

Servant and Apostle

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How did Paul think of himself? As a scholar? A writer? His primary attitude became clear in the first sentence in his letter to Roman believers. He was a “bondservant.” He used this Greek word often throughout this letter. Using this word so often made it clear that, first and foremost, he thought of himself as a servant, a person who had sacrificed his personal rights to serve others.

He specifically was the bondservant of Jesus, whom He called the Christ. Paul used this Greek word an amazing sixty-eight times in Romans! He wanted everyone to know that he wasn’t writing out of personal ambition or just sharing his opinions. He was coming to them as a servant of Jesus Christ.

He was also an “apostle.” This Greek word indicated he was an ambassador, an authorized representative. He had been sent by Jesus, who gave him authority. Paul described himself as being “called.” He had an assignment to be “separated to the gospel of God.”

Paul was confident about his role. But he also wanted the Romans to know that they were to have the same attitude. God had a special calling for each of them. They, too, were to serve.

These principles still apply to believers. We are not engaged in a popularity contest; we are servants of Jesus, His ambassadors and representatives. We are to be separated from the world and dedicated to spreading the Gospel.