Sent by God?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It is a question that critics often raised throughout Jeremiah’s ministry. Was he really sent by God?

But Jeremiah knew that he was called by God (Jeremiah 1:4-8). How God “formed” him, laid out a plan for his life, “consecrated” him even before he was born, and appointed him “a prophet to the nations.” God knew why Jeremiah might be reluctant to embrace this mission, so He assured him to be confident, and not be afraid of other people, no matter who they were or what they said.

This assurance was important because Jeremiah would face strong opposition. Many would not agree with the messages he delivered. He would be persecuted. His loyalty would be questioned. He would be accused of being deceptive and even lying.

God had to reassure him that his critics were prophesying “falsely,” even though they were using His name as credibility. God had sent Jeremiah, but He had “not sent” these false prophets.

Often, throughout the Bible, God’s prophets faced opposition. They were criticized and persecuted. Each prophet had to be sure that he had been called. That God had sent him. That he was delivering His messages.

This required incredible sensitivity. A commitment not to be swayed by popular opinions or give in to wishful thinking, or personal preferences but to seek to hear from God. If necessary, to spend extra time in prayer, to be sure that they were hearing from Him.

All of us need this sensitivity. To be careful not to presume that we speak for God or even understand His will. No matter our background, we are reminded that anyone can be wrong. We need to stay humble and teachable. To be careful to know our mission, to study His Word prayerfully, to stay sensitive to His Spirit, and be confident that we are being led by Him.