Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

What do people talk about? It should be no surprise to learn that we spend much of our time focused on ourselves.

According to a recent study, people talk about themselves about one-third of the time. In their social media and other similar activities, that number jumps to 80%! People just love to talk about themselves.

This pattern has been true throughout history in every culture. Paul discovered that the people of Ephesus were so concerned with themselves that many were closed to the Gospel. All that mattered were their culture, their traditions, their business interests, and their religion. They only cared about what they felt was best for themselves at that moment.

Self-interest remains a primary motivation for people in the world – not what is best for eternity, but what seems best for them right now. People aren’t motivated by God or His Word, or even doing what is right. Sadly, this pattern also is true for many believers.

Think about your life. To what degree are you focused on yourself? Are you really living for God? Is your conversation filled with talk about yourself? Or are you talking about God and His Word? Are you talking about the impact of serving Jesus?

Make a definitive decision to follow Jesus and seek first God’s Kingdom. Talk more about the Gospel and less about yourself. Serve Him, regardless of what other people may do or say.