What Seems Impossible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Louis Vierne was born almost completely blind. By the time he was six, his sight improved enough that he vaguely could recognize people and see some objects. But he remained functionally blind, seemingly doomed to an unproductive life.

But a relative sensed that Vierne had musical talent. Studying the piano, he demonstrated that his blindness did not impede his abilities. As he matured as a musician, he attended the Paris Conservatoire, becoming pupil of legendary organist Charles-Marie Widor. Continuing to demonstrate remarkable ability, in 1900 Vierne was appointed organist of one of the most important churches in Paris, where he served for thirty-seven years.

Blindness was not the only adversity faced by Vierne, who was born on this day in 1870. He also endured many personal hardships. Yet he did not let his blindness or other tragedies prevent him from being fruitful. He became a respected teacher, and several of his pupils became world famous organists. His legacy lives on through his compositions, which still rank among the most revered and played among organists.

Amazing for a blind musician, he became among the first to give organ recitals, playing complex compositions entirely from memory. He died in 1937, right in the midst of a performance.

Faced with severe adversities like these, many might have given up. But Vierne became a master, through perseverance and strong faith. Doing things that others might have thought impossible.

How do you react when you encounter obstacles? When the situation may seem impossible? Many give up or lose hope. But Jesus taught that no situation is impossible. In fact, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.”

What problems do you face? What obstacles stand in your way? Commit every need and problem to God. Banish doubt and fear. Believe His Word that all things are possible. That nothing is impossible if you have faith.