Persistently Seeking the Lord

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Farmers provide many practical examples of Biblical principles in action. One major reason is that there are many obstacles they must overcome. In fact, year after year, season after season, farmers face continual changes. They never stop!

Every year, they must break up the soil, plow the fields, root out the weeds, and plant seeds again. They cannot rest on past efforts, for the cycles begin again every year, every season. They must look at their fields and diligently go through the same process. And they must be persistent through all conditions.

In the same way, we must be persistent throughout our lives. Problems are inevitable. On our journey, we will encounter roadblocks. Our plans will not unfold perfectly. We will make mistakes. Others will disappoint us. Conditions never will be ideal. And we are bombarded by interruptions and complications.

The question is how will we react in these conditions? In every season, we must be focused and faithful. Day after day, we are to keep planting seeds. We must not be preoccupied or paralyzed but persistent. When we are puzzled, we aren’t to be discouraged but “keep on asking,” knowing that we will receive what we ask for. We are to keep on seeking, confident that we will find. We are to “keep on knocking,” believing that “the door will be opened”(Matthew 7:7, NLT).

In your life, ask God to help you live a life of persistence. Seek to root out bad habits, faulty relationships, or sins that hold you down. Spend time seeking the Lord so you can “break up our unplowed ground” and deal with the corruption, attitudes, and habits you might have picked up from the world.