Seeking God’s Will

Seeking God’s Will

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

William Gladstone had many political opponents. Yet he became one of the most powerful leaders in Great Britain during the 19th century, serving as prime minister for four separate terms.

Born on this day in 1809, Gladstone also was a devout Christian. He was a lay leader of the Church of England and wrote several books on religion. Even while engaging in partisan politics, he sought to follow his Christian convictions.

One theme he often emphasized was the importance of submitting our lives to God and seeking His will. As he told his wife, they needed “to cherish, exercise, and expand this new and heavenly power of acting according to the will of God.”

Gladstone realized that this might seem unnatural at first, but as they continued to obey God, it would become second nature. They would experience the “full triumph” as they gladly followed God’s leading. They simply would want to do what He desired all the time.

Every day as we make decisions, our natural inclination often is to do the things that make sense to us and seem most beneficial to further our careers and interests.

But becoming a mature believer means recognizing that God sees our lives more clearly than we see ourselves. It means knowing that His will always is best. Right now, surrender your life to Him. Seek His will for every decision you make. Make that your prayer and your commitment.