Seeking God’s Face

Seeking God’s Face

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David faced difficult circumstances. He had been through many forms of trouble and desperately needed help. Evil men had advanced against him to devour his flesh. He had been attacked by enemies and besieged by powerful armies. War had broken out against him. He had faced the accusations of false witnesses. He even had felt forsaken by his father and mother.

In the midst of these problems, he called out to God. Feeling vulnerable and desperate, he humbled himself, and asked God to hear his voice. He knew that no one else could help him, but that when he sought God’s face, He would hear him, be merciful to him, and answer him.

Looking back, he remembered that God always had been faithful and delivered him from every fear. His attackers had stumbled and fallen. He was safe in His presence, and even was “exalted above the enemies who surround me.” Confident in God, his heart was full of joy, and he was able to sing His praises.

These are powerful reminders when we feel besieged by problems. We may feel overwhelmed by financial needs or bound by bad habits. There may be conflicts in our relationships. We may have health issues or face pressures on a job. We may be worried about friends and family. Or we may have spiritual struggles.

The Bible promises that, in all of these situations, we don’t need to be afraid or worried. Instead, these are moments to seek God. Not to pray short, polite prayers but actually to hunger and thirst after Him. To approach Him boldly, with a sense of desperation and urgency.

Today, seek God’s face in your life for the problems you face.