Seeking God in Extreme Weariness

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel had been used by God in many ways. He revealed to him the contents of the private dreams of the king and given him interpretations that were impossible in the natural realm. In spite of all of this experience and sensitivity, Daniel himself was left puzzled, confused, and uncertain by the dreams and visions that he himself had received, and by the message God had given to Jeremiah.

Daniel had “observed in the books” that God had told Jeremiah that Jerusalem was to be desolate for a period of seventy years. But Daniel was not sure what God meant, what He implied, or what was to be done. He did not throw up his hands in despair, but “set his face” to seek God. He focused all of his attention on Him. He did not just pray a quiet, calm prayer, or let the matter rest.

Praying with passion and persistence, Daniel humbly and earnestly sought God. He called on Him with a sincere heart. He fasted so he might increase the intensity of his focus. He put on sackcloth and ashes as an expression of mourning and repentance, demonstrating that he was willing to humble himself before Him. He confessed the sins of his people and admitted that they hadn’t listened to God’s servant.

He sought God so intensely that, in the end, he confessed his “extreme weariness.” But because of this intensity, God sent Gabriel to answer his prayers and give him “insight with understanding.”

These principles apply in your prayer lives. Do you have questions? Doubts? Uncertainties? Needs? God encourages you to seek Him with intensity! If you don’t receive an answer immediately, don’t give up. Continue to humble yourself before Him, being persistent, and putting all else aside to focus on Him.