Seeking God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in Pennsylvania in 1763, James McGready pastored churches in North Carolina and Tennessee before moving to Logan County in eastern Kentucky in 1796. There he served three small congregations.

In his account of McGready’s life, John Andrews writes that this region was “filled with open infidelity” and “vice was rampant.” There was little interest in the Bible or the things of God. Yet McGready “made great efforts to arouse his people to a proper sense of their spiritual condition.”

McGready encouraged Christians to have a burden for the Lost and to be serious about sin in their community. He challenged them by presenting a covenant that urged them to remember how God called “Christians to pray in faith—to ask in the name of Jesus for the conversion of their fellow-men.”

By signing this covenant, they agreed to “unite our supplications to a prayer-hearing God for the outpouring of His Spirit, that His people may be quickened and comforted,” and that sinners would be saved.

McGready and his congregation agreed to a day each month “of fasting and prayer for the conversion of sinners in Logan County and throughout the world.” They also agreed to spend 30 minutes each Saturday evening in dedicated prayer.

God answered their prayers, and in 1801 a revival broke out that swept throughout America. McGready often spoke at campmeetings, where he led thousands to commit their lives to God.

Today, our world needs people with this same burden for sin, committed to seek revival and a spiritual awakening. Commit yourself to a life of prayer—praying for your family…your community…your church…your country…and for pastors and politicians, educators and entertainers.

Be ready to be a witness for Christ. Cry out for revival and a fresh move of God’s Spirit in our time!