Seeing New Ways

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Job had been prosperous. And his life seemed comparatively free of problems. But everything changed when his children died, he lost his resources, and he experienced personal sickness.

In their efforts to help him, his friends assaulted him with clever arguments and criticism. But the whole time Job was experiencing real pain, real loss, real problems.

Through this ordeal, Job was to realize how little he really knew about God. How mysterious are His ways. While his friends seemed confident, Job had all his assumptions shaken, and was filled with provocative questions.

He realized the impact our actions have on others. He saw how some spend their lives serving their own interests, even taking advantage of others. But realizing what it was like to be a victim, Job became more sympathetic to the needy, to the fatherless, those who come from broken homes, and didn’t have enough food or water.

While his naïve friends stated empty platitudes, Job realized how hopeless life can seem and how it can appear that God does not care. He understood the attitude of those with problems, how they need consolation, encouragement, and sincere help.

In the process, the problems Job experienced changed him in countless ways. He saw how some think they get away with evil deeds, but realized that God sees everything and eventually humbles those who exalt themselves. The wicked have a false sense of security: “They are exalted a little while, then they are gone.”

In similar ways, God can use circumstances to humble us. Teach us. Correct us. Seek to be sensitive to His work in your life.