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To the Greeks who developed mathematics, numbers were mysteries that somehow unlocked keys to the universe. These mysteries were so profound that they were not to be shared. And only select facts ever were released to the outside world.

Even centuries later, many mathematicians retained this attitude. For example, Scipione de Ferro (who lived from 1465–1526) was the first person known to solve cubic equations. But no one knows how he made his amazing discovery. He never published his findings and didn’t divulge them to anyone until he was on his deathbed, when he passed the secrecy on to a student.

This attitude was common in various mystery cults that existed throughout the ancient world. In fact, the early Church battled many who had this attitude toward Christianity.

It is true that aspects of the Christian faith remain mysteries even after we become Believers. And there are things we may not understand, as Jesus made clear when He explained why He spoke in parables (Mark 4:11-12).

But the Bible also makes it clear that the Gospel is central to all that God has revealed to us. Through Jesus, God “made known to us the mystery of His will.” Paul described how “by revelation there was made known to me the mystery.” He didn’t keep this secret to himself, but wrote that we might “understand my insight into the mystery of Christ” (Ephesians 3:3-4).

Paul also wrote about the “the revelation of the mystery which has been kept secret for long ages past, but now is manifested” (Romans 16:25-26).

Are there issues you don’t understand? Seek God for understanding. Read and study His Word. And seek insights from mature Believers who have gained an understanding from God.