Running Away

Running Away

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David faced a mountain of problems. There were decisions to be made. He faced opposition from many kinds of adversaries. Not everyone agreed with his actions. Struggling, his thoughts turned to one desire: how much he wanted to run away and pretend these problems didn’t exist.

In the pressure of the moment, this seemed like the ideal solution. Tired of dealing with problems, he reveled in the thought of being free. Never having to deal with them again. Finding someplace far away. Perhaps a secret enclave. A secluded retreat. A remote valley. An isolated wilderness. Even a distant country.

In these moments, he wished he could “fly away and be at rest.” But, in the end, David realized that this would not be a permanent solution. That running away would not solve anything but simply create a whole new series of problems.

The answer was not to run away but to commit his problems to God. To seek His guidance. To trust in Him and believe Him for the right answers and the help he needed.

Others throughout history have sought to run away. Some are like Jonah. When confronted with issues he did not want to face, he fled in the opposite direction, hoping to escape. But the Bible reminds us that Jonah only found peace by obeying God and tackling his assignment, even with its difficulties.

As you face problems and challenges, do you ever feel like running away? As tempting as this may seem, remember that running away does not necessarily solve anything, or bring you lasting peace. Remember that God has a call on your life. That He promises to provide everything you need as you obey Him and stay faithful.