Running Away

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David certainly knew what it was like to feel hopeless and discouraged. When there seemed to be no realistic solution to his problems, some counseled him to “flee as a bird to your mountain.” They thought it best for him simply to run away, escaping to somewhere his problems did not to exist.

David had every reason to feel this way. He had been “upright in heart” and did not deserve these attacks. In this environment, it didn’t seem to matter what he had done. He might have acted in the right spirit. He might have been pleasing to God and “upright in heart.” Yet he still was vulnerable, and there still did not seem to be any solutions.

On the surface, the idea of running away probably seemed attractive. But David realized that even though this might temporarily avoid the problems, they still would linger.

For David, the answer was to turn his heart toward the Lord. No matter what anyone else said or did, God had not changed. He still was “in His holy temple.” His throne still was in Heaven. He knew what was going on, and He was watching to see how David and others would respond.

In fact, God was testing everyone, both “the righteous and the wicked.” David realized that God could be trusted to judge everyone perfectly, and that everyone would be rewarded according to His perfect standards.

Yes, in the midst of problems, we can feel overwhelmed and want to escape. We can be tempted to ignore the problem or simply to run away.

Do you ever feel like running away? In every situation you face, remember that God has not forgotten you. He still knows your circumstances, and He never changes. Don’t run away or give up. Refuse to give in to doubt, worry, or fear. Instead, like David, turn to God. Trust in Him!