Rules for Success

Rules for Success

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

A distinguished general, Henry Martyn Robert was stationed at New Bedford, Massachusetts, during the US Civil War. There, presiding over a turbulent meeting of his church, he learned that there was no generally accepted set of parliamentary rules.

Robert, who was born on this day in 1837, decided to write his own code with simple, clear guidelines for conducting meetings. Eventually, he published these rules in 1876. The work became known as Robert’s Rules of Order. It was the most complete guide of the time and still is used today.

His work reflects foundational truths in the Bible, which remind us that God is a God of order. His Word provides practical guidelines, rules to live by, and principles that bring success and apply to everything in life.

Some might think that the Bible is archaic and out of date. But the principles found in God’s Word still provide the keys to success. They are relevant at every stage of life from youth through old age, for both men and women.

When we are facing a crossroad, His Word helps us make the right decisions, gives us discernment regarding our relationships, gives us His peace, and helps direct our paths. Its principles guide us in business and education.
They help us with finances and health – every area of our lives!

Trust your life to God. Fill your mind with His Word. And put it into practice!