Ruled by Emotions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What do many shrewd marketers know about you? They know how emotions influence you (and most other people). Based on many studies, they have discovered how often people make decisions based on an emotional reaction. And they design their campaigns specifically to provoke these emotions. To manipulate you, and encourage you to put aside reason. Not to consider real needs or past experiences. And even to ignore your spiritual principles.

A recent report described how advances in neuroscience are “making it possible to dig deeper into how emotions affect our decisions.” These principles study such biological reactions as heart rate, posture, facial reactions, and electrical impulses in specific regions of the brain. Findings from recent studies revealed that ads developed with these kinds of insights generate more sales, and influence more people.

These kinds of tests are being used to enhance the emotional appeal of advertising. To shape political campaigns. To influence behavior and even beliefs. This is the secret behind many effective commercials designed to pull at our hearts. To stimulate desired responses. In the process, many people allow themselves to be manipulated by these calculated techniques.

The Bible warns us how easily we can be misled by our emotions. We are warned that our hearts are “deceitful.” That we easily can be deceived. Even a man like Solomon, who knew so much about God, could be manipulated to turn away from Him because of the influence of his wives (1 Kings 11:4).

In your life, be on guard against the deceptive influences that flood the world. Clever-sounding ideas. Products you don’t need. Beliefs that drive you away from God. Movements that promise unrealistic results.

Start by filling your mind and heart with God’s Word. Develop a strong relationship with Him. Be sensitive to His Spirit. And don’t waver.