Rich Toward God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Don’t mess with my money.” These were the last recorded words spoken by famed blues musician Lowell Fulson when he died in March 1999.

Fulson had earned his fame. His songs had been recorded by musicians throughout the world. He lived a tough life, but had worked hard to achieve his recognition and all the things that came along with fame.

Yet, along the way, like so many people, he never seemed to understand God’s perspective on life, or on the material things of this world. So dear were his money and possessions that this was all he thought about as was dying.

Jesus told the parable of a rich man whose focus was on material things. He had lost perspective. Instead of thinking about God and spiritual things, he continued to focus on fun and possessions, even to the end. Although this man was very wealthy, God called him a “fool.” The man was wasting his life, thinking of temporary things, even when his life was ending.

The lesson Jesus wanted to teach us was simple: Our life does not consist in the abundance of the things we possess. Instead, we should be concerned about Souls, which do last into eternity.

Today, remember to keep your life in perspective. Your life is more than your bank accounts or possessions. Don’t allow the things of this world to control your heart and mind. Seek to be rich toward God, laying up treasures in Heaven—treasures that cannot fade away.