Revive Us Again

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the early 20th century, Wales experienced a powerful revival. The Holy Spirit swept throughout the land, and it seemed that people everywhere were talking not about the latest gossip, fashions or politics, but the revival.

Encouraged by this widespread curiosity, a newspaper reporter was sent to investigate. One intriguing discovery was that no one could tell him how the revival had begun. He learned that many throughout the land had been burdened by rising godlessness. Many had longed for God to stir them anew, to revive them and their nation. And many men and women, young and old, had prayed and sought God.

While learning other details, the reporter could not escape the impact of the revival. He could see the changes everywhere. In the way people lived. How they acted. One man told him, “There is a new life coming into Wales now. Everything will be changed. Why? Because Wales is opening her door to receive the Holy Spirit.”

Today, Wales and many other countries need a new revival. Church attendance has diminished. The flame of revival seems to have been extinguished. Many Believers have become cold, discouraged, with a weakened faith.

This is the hour for Believers to pray that God would send His Spirit to bring revival throughout the world, that the Spirit would change the hearts and lives of men and women across the globe, and that He would revive our churches.

Pray that God would bring revival to your life. That you would be on fire for Jesus as never before! Hunger for God. Pursue purity. Be filled anew with His Spirit, flowing in His power.