Revival and Restoration

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The nation was experiencing major problems. Many sensed that there was no hope —that defeat was inevitable. In those dark days, Asaph, in desperation, turned to God.

This man, who had been given responsibility to lead music, cried out to God to “give ear,” asking the “Shepherd of Israel” to “shine forth … stir up Your power and come to save us!” He asked God to cause His “face to shine upon us,” confident that He would save them.

But Asaph was honest with God. He knew that His people had sinned and made mistakes. In reality, they deserved judgment and problems. But He asked God to have mercy and relent from judgment.

He reminded God of the many ways He had helped and blessed His people, and pointed out that other nations were watching what He did. Then, he asked God to look at their condition and do a mighty work in their time.

Three times in this Psalm, Asaph asked God to restore His people. But he also cried out for revival. A revival of the full relationship between God and His people. A revival of the flow of His power and wisdom. A revival of His protection and guidance.

In our time, we, too, need to recognize the ways in which we have fallen short and sinned, as individuals, nations, and as the people of God. We need to humble ourselves before Him, and cry out for His mercy.

Today, pray for revival in your nation and a renewed commitment to serve God. Cry out for revival in your life. Seek to be filled with the Spirit and consumed with a passion to serve and please Him. And dedicate yourself and your resources to bringing the Gospel to the world.