Reverence for God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Johannes Brahms was one of history’s greatest musical craftsmen. Born on this day in 1833, he became dedicated to classical forms, rejecting new approaches that were gaining popularity.

Growing up in a Christian home, Brahms developed a love for the Bible. He once told a friend, “In my study, I can lay my hand on my Bible even in the dark.” Yet, as one critic described, by the time he became an adult, Brahms “had long since lost his Christian faith.”

He also had his own ideas about Christian teaching. This was clear in his “Requiem,” composed in 1866. This was written in German, rather than the traditional Latin. He also ignored Bible passages associated with this format, and avoided references to topics like redemption and passages such as John 3:16. Instead, he chose verses that suited his own purposes.

Brahms’ “Requiem” continues to be a moving experience with a message that resonates with listeners. Yet it is interesting to ponder the way Brahms felt the liberty to pick and choose the Bible passages.

Many people have a similar attitude toward the Bible, and the Christian faith. We think of Thomas Jefferson, who claimed to be devoted to the teachings of Jesus. But he didn’t agree with the account provided by the Gospel writers. As a result, he created his own version of the Bible, eliminated passages he didn’t like.

Many people adopt this attitude, feeling free to choose what they agree with and ignore the rest. Creating their own version of the Christian faith, deciding what they think the Bible means.

What is your attitude? Make sure that you don’t try to “play God” but submit your whole life to Him. Let Him be God!