Revealing Secrets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For hundreds of years, the finest scholars remained mystified. They examined the symbols and words used in ancient Egypt, but could not understand anything. None of their efforts brought clarity.

Finally, a breakthrough came on this date in 1799 when the “Rosetta Stone” was found by French troops in Egypt. The stone was inscribed in 196 BC with a decree praising the Egyptian king Ptolemy V Epiphanes. Because the inscription appears in three scripts, scholars could decipher the symbols and compare them with the Greek words.

Suddenly, texts that had seemed like nonsense became clear. Mysteries that seemed without solution could be explained. This stone became a symbol for keys that can unlock any hidden meaning.

When Daniel needed to interpret the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar, he did not have access to a special stone. But he had something even more powerful: A personal relationship with God, and faith to believe that He could reveal secrets.

The Bible tells us that God’s Kingdom is full of secrets and mysteries. There also may be things about your life you can’t understand. You might feel that you face problems that can’t be solved. You might feel overwhelmed trying to understand financial problems, or maybe you can’t seem to grasp challenges in your relationships or family. There may be things about the Bible that you struggle to grasp.

These are opportunities to seek God. For all situations like these, remember that you have access to almighty God. Fill your mind and heart with His Word. Spend time with Him in prayer. Listen to His voice. Ask Him to reveal His truths and hidden secrets to you.