Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Israel had been “faithless.” They had “perverted their way” and “forgotten the Lord their God” (v. 21). As a result, they experienced countless problems. But God was eager to change their circumstances and bless them. He was “gracious” and did not look upon them in anger (v. 12).

He promised to give them leaders who would lead them in the right ways. There would be abundance. They would not “walk anymore after the stubbornness of their evil heart” (v. 17). They would realize that He had given them “a pleasant land, the most beautiful inheritance” (v. 19).

What would it take for these promises to be fulfilled? It started with repentance when they humbled themselves before Him and confessed their sins. Seven times in this chapter God repeated their need to “return” (a word used more than ninety times in Jeremiah).

If they returned, they would call Him “Father” (v. 19) and not turn away. He would heal their faithlessness. They would realize they had followed wrong paths and wrong leaders, and they could find salvation only in Him.

How easily we can be like Israel walking on wrong paths, being faithless and disobedient, going our own way, and forgetting God. He stands before us beckoning us to return to Him.

Make sure to stay humble before God. Confess your sins. Seek first His Kingdom and His wisdom. Turn aside from worldly ideas and dedicate your life to serving Him.