Resurrection Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The resurrection of Jesus was not just a moment in history for His disciples. This overwhelming event changed their lives, and their worldview.

After the resurrection, they had a completely different understanding of God’s Word and His plans. Their minds were opened to see the world in new ways. They realized how He remained active and could unleash His power at any time.

In interesting ways, it also demonstrated why some never experience this power. For these people, the resurrection remains just a story. Even a myth or legend. These critics allow their minds to be flooded with doubt. At the same time, some believe in the resurrection, but remain skeptical, not seeing how it makes a difference.

The Bible reveals how the resurrection can transform our lives. As Paul described, this happens as we focus on Jesus, when we desire not just know about Him but to “know Him” and “the power of His resurrection,” and when we believe that this power is real!

Everything else must be like “rubbish” so we can “gain Christ and be found in Him.” This means laying aside doubt and walking by faith. Realizing that the resurrection demonstrates that Jesus is with us, and that resurrection power is available to us, right now.

Do you desire the fullness of God’s power in your life? Make Him your highest priority, laying everything else aside. Spend time with Him in prayer. Seek Him with your whole heart. Read His Word. Step out in faith and believe that all things are possible. That He is with you, ready to unleash resurrection power. Power with no limits.