Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God provided everything Adam and Eve could want. He had created a glorious garden for them where they could enjoy abundance, peace, and perfect fulfillment.

But He also gave them the ability and freedom to choose. From our perspective, it seems obvious that they simply should have obeyed God. But they became the first to experience the fascination of temptation. The pressure to go their own way. Decisions that should have been simple became distorted and murky. How temptations suddenly seemed attractive. How easily we can be convinced to ignore or disobey God.

Adam and Eve became the first to face these issues, and, then, the first to fall. Through their experiences, they learned that they were responsible for the consequences of their choices. In their case, they were expelled from the Garden, and no longer could enjoy the abundance God had prepared for them.

These are patterns and principles all of us experience in our own way. God lays before us a life filled with options. He gives us His Word, filled with His promises and principles. And He promises blessings if we obey His Word. But we also are warned of the consequences if we go our own way. If we reject His Word and reach our own conclusions. If we go along with the crowd, or give in to temptation.

But, each step of the way, the consequences are ours.

In your life, realize the responsibilities associated with the choices you make. God has given you His Word, and His promises. And He has given you the opportunity to choose whom you will follow. To whom you listen, and what you decide to do. Ask Him to help make the right decisions.