Resources & Priorities

Resources & Priorities

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Arvo Pärt attracted attention as a talented composer within the Soviet Union. Although atheism was the official government policy, he openly declared his belief in God. He became dissatisfied with his music and government
restrictions. In 1968, he decided that he needed to express his faith and the new music style he had developed with his composition Credo, the Latin word for “I believe.”

Because this composition declared his faith in God, it was banned in the Soviet Union. Eventually Pärt left Estonia, so he could write in freedom. In the years since, most of his compositions have been based on Biblical themes. Pärt was bold to declare that he believed in God at a time when this confession was against the law.

Gallup reports that 95% of Americans believe in God. But how many of these people have taken up their cross and followed Jesus? How many are willing to take a stand for their faith? How many are like the man who told Jesus that he believed, but would not give up everything to follow Him?

Remember that what you do with your resources is an indication of your faith and your priorities. Do you really believe in God? Have you taken up your cross and followed Jesus? Are you serving Him with all your time, talents, and treasures? Put your belief into practice with the things you do and say.