Resources for the Kingdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in 1707 into English aristocracy, Lady Selina Shirley became Lady Huntingdon in 1728 when she married Theophilus Hastings, ninth earl of Huntingdon. Even though part of the privileged class, she became deeply interested in the things of God.

After her husband died when she was just 39, she faced serious questions about what to do with her life and the extensive resources she inherited. The natural response would have been to indulge herself and live in comfort.

But she decided to get the opinion of Howell Harris, one of Britain’s leading preachers. He urged her to dedicate her life to serving Christ. She took his advice and committed everything she had to God’s Kingdom. She never regretted that decision.

With this total commitment, she became known as the evangelical “archbishop.” Because of her place in society, she could hold Bible studies and prayer meetings that attracted members of the upper class.

She founded a religious society (called a “connexion”) and built several chapels. She helped finance the ministries of pastors and evangelists, and also provided legal protection for clergy who faced opposition. She even established a seminary.

In her last will and testament, she summarized her life’s goal: “All my present peace and my hope of future glory depend wholly, fully, and finally upon the merits of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.” She had made her life count for His Kingdom, and she honored the Lord through her wealth.

Today, think about your life. No matter what resources you have or your position in society, you have been given unique opportunities to serve God and influence people for the Gospel. Dedicate your time, talent, and treasure to Him. Let Him use you to change lives.