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The opening measures of the opera, Tristan and Isolde became one of the most influential musical notes ever written. Written by Richard Wagner, this chord amazed and even shocked listeners from the moment it was first heard in 1865. And, for many, it marked a landmark, a turning point that has been felt in every musical genre.

This chord was so revolutionary, in part, because it was based on dissonances—conflicts and sounds that seemed unsettling, particularly for people of that time. But what made this famous “Tristan Chord” so powerful was that these dissonances acted like a magnet, setting the tone for what was to follow.

It created a sense of mystery and anticipation that drawing listeners deeper and tapped into the yearning for resolution.

This chord illustrates the power of tension to heighten emotions. But, ultimately, this tension creates great pleasure when it is resolved and the dissonances have melted into harmony.

Similar techniques have been used in paintings and literature, films, and TV programs.

In many ways, this illustrates the power of the Gospel. In reality, deep within us, we all need peace with God, harmony with our Creator, and answers to the questions that trouble us for personal fulfillment and resolution.

In fact, the Bible tells us that Jesus came to give our lives meaning and purpose. He came to end the conflicts and tensions, and help us to have peace with God, to experience a sense of completion, and to bring perfect resolution.

What is your story? Are you experiencing any tensions and conflicts, uncertainties and anxieties? Remember that God promises to work everything together for good, for you (Romans 8:28). Commit any problems to Him. Be sure to align your life with His Word, and apply Biblical principles.

Trust Him. Have faith.