Repentance, Intercession, Pentecost

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 1905, a modern Pentecost erupted in Southern California. In his firsthand account of this “Azusa Street” revival, Frank Bartleman described how God had spoken to him through the prophet Isaiah. He revealed that there was sin in the land, and the church needed to be revived. “Intercessors were needed,” he wrote.

Bartleman joined others who sought God in times of intense prayer. Soon they began to experience a revival in the Pasadena area. But they sensed that God wanted to do a much greater work. So they began to “pray for an outpouring of the Spirit for Los Angeles and the whole of Southern California.”

They prayed with fervor and intensity. As Bartleman wrote, “The Spirit is breathing prayer through us for a mighty, general outpouring. We are asking largely, that our joy may be full. God is moving. We are praying for the churches and their pastors. The Lord will visit those willing to yield to Him.” This dedication to intercession eventually led to a great revival that shook the whole world.

Today, the world needs another mighty revival.

Marriages and families are being destroyed. Millions live in sin. Godlessness dominates much of the media. Many churches are cold. Who are the men and women who will intercede for families and churches, for their nation, and for the world?  Right now, ask God to give you a burden for sin in the world. Don’t be content with lukewarm Christianity.

Commit yourself to pray for the Lost. Pray for revival. Pray for a worldwide move of God in our day.