Renewed Strength

Renewed Strength

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

In our youth, we are at our peak of energy. We feel confident and invincible. Unfortunately with time, everything changes. We tire more easily and experience more physical and mental limits. In spite of their confidence, even young people can be faint and weary.

But the Bible promises something radical. When we wait on the Lord, He actually can renew us with His strength. This is a promise for anyone, regardless of age. In fact, He promises that we will “mount up with wings as eagles.” We still may have physical limits, but the Spirit can give us the energy and strength we need. In fact, we will be able to soar above the turmoil of life.

In your life, you may feel tired and weary. You may be burdened by problems. You may feel like you are running out of energy and strength. But God can revitalize you and grant you renewed strength. Through His Spirit, He can give you His power and ability. Interested? Just wait on Him.

Today, spend time with God. Wait on His presence. Listen to His voice. Read His Word. Be filled with His peace. You still may experience the limits of the flesh, but as you seek Him in the Spirit, He can renew your soul. Cast your cares on Him and allow Him to give you the strength and energy you need.