Removing the Masks

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Horace Walpole achieved great fame in his lifetime. Born on this day in 1717, he came from an important family, and was elected to the British Parliament in 1741, serving until 1767. In 1747 he acquired a country house southwest of London, where he built a castle, which became a major showplace.

A prolific writer, he authored works of fiction and nonfiction. Today, he is best known for his letters, more than 3,000 of which still exist, proving important perspectives on England at the time.

However, Walpole also developed a reputation as a plagiarist. He freely stole words and phrases from others, and used them as his own. For example, in a letter in 1747, he described his home in elegant phrases. However, the words merely had been taken from the writings of Alexander Pope.

Famed nineteenth-century historian and writer, T.B. Macaulay once commented, “His features were covered with mask within mask. When the outer disguise of obvious affectation was removed, you were still as far as ever from seeing the real man.”

Many people wear all kinds of masks. Some pretend to be something they are not. Some become skilled at faking their knowledge. Some try to cover up their actions or real beliefs.

But the Bible reminds us that God knows everything about us. He knows the truth about our thoughts and actions. We cannot fool Him. As Paul urged, we need to renounce hidden things, and not walk in deceit or craftiness.

In your life, be honest with God. Ask for His help to free you from deceitfulness and pretense. Be real, with Him and others. And make sure that you are not hiding behind any masks.