Remembering God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The psalmist who wrote these words faced enormous burdens. As he struggled and considered how to respond, he cried out to God. But he still didn’t feel that God heard him or even listened.

Facing “deep trouble,” he “searched for the Lord,” even praying “all night long.” But nothing seemed to change, and his “soul was not comforted.” Unable to sleep, he became “too distressed even to pray.” It seemed that God had “turned his hand against me.”

But then he had a breakthrough. When he turned to God’s promises, everything changed.

The turnaround came when he remembered all that God had done and considered His “wonderful deeds.” These became the constant focus of his heart, and he couldn’t “stop thinking about them.”

Looking back, the psalmist realized that all of God’s ways were holy. He recognized that the Lord was “the God of miracles and wonders,” who demonstrated His “awesome power among the nations.”

The psalmist followed a pattern that is all too familiar. There are moments in our lives when nothing seems to change and our prayers don’t seem to be answered.

Instead of thinking about ourselves at such times, we must concentrate on God and stand on His Word. Instead of fretting about the future, we must think about all that He has done for us. Instead of churning over our problems, we must focus on God’s changeless nature and then declare His promises. These are times to realize anew that He is “the God of miracles and wonders,” and we always can depend on Him.

Today, you may be going through challenges and difficulties. But in the midst of your trials, start declaring truths from the Bible. Repeat God’s promises, and keep declaring them to be true in your life. As you place your faith in His unchanging Word, faith will rise in your heart.