Relevant for Today

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many people have only a vague understanding of when the events of the Bible took place. These events occurred so long ago that it can be easy to forget that they really happened. That these were real events that took place at specific times, and in specific places. That messages were delivered by real people to real people, who needed to make real decisions about real problems.

The opening verse of the book of Ezekiel provides us with a fresh perspective on these truths. Most Bible translations tell us how these events took place “in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month” (NASB). But the NLT’s translation puts these events in the context of our calendar, and gives this a sense of immediacy of this word. This, in fact, took place on a real day. In fact, July 31.

Scholars may debate whether or not this happened exactly on this day. But, regardless, this is a reminder that the events of the Bible happened in real time. On real days. In real places. In real conditions. It is like reading today’s news.

In fact, the Bible should have that sense of freshness to us. While conveying timeless truths, it also is relevant to specific situations, and to specific people. And it is relevant to the issues that each of us faces. That you face.

This is a reminder that God knows what you are facing, right now. You can read His Word to be reminded of His promises to You, and the principles that apply to others as well as to you. But this also is a reminder that you can commit your specific needs to Him. Ask Him for a fresh revelation, and guidance for today.