Relentless Persistence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On this day in 1774, British explorer James Cook and his ship, Resolution, sailed further south than anyone had reached before, hoping to find land, and possibly a continent. But He encountered an immense field of ice “whose horrible and savage aspect I have no words to describe.”

Although Cook had bravely sailed through many uncharted waters around the world, he was not willing to continue in the face of this obstacle. He could have pushed east or west in search of an opening to the south, but Cook had had enough. He concluded, “Whoever has resolution and perseverance to clear up this point by proceeding farther than I have done, I shall not envy him the honor of the discovery.”

Seventy years later, an American expedition persisted in the face of similar obstacles. As a result, they were the ones who discovered what we know as Antarctica.

Many people stop when they encounter obstacles that seem overwhelming, or problems that seem too big. In our own strength, we can feel defeated or discouraged. But God wants us to remember that we always can call on Him and draw on His strength.

We need to realize that Jesus Himself needed to call on His Father. He prayed and offered up supplications “with loud crying and tears.” He prayed often. He left us an example of persistence in prayer. And He showed us that we must not allow circumstances or the devil to defeat us.

What problems are you facing? Have you given up hope? Do you believe that God can give you victory? Right now, cry out to Him. Follow the example of Jesus. Pray. Pray some more. Pray until you get the answer. Be persistent and relentless! Remember: God answers prayer!