Refined and Sharpened

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesJune 27, 20182 Minutes

Sometime in the thirteenth century, someone in China developed a process that could make wood products become smoother. This process involved the application of an abrasive material. The Chinese used a combination of crushed shells, seeds, and sand bonded to parchment by using natural gum. As this material was rubbed against the wood, the surface was polished and roughness was worn away.

First called “glass paper,” this eventually became known as “sandpaper.” Various forms were developed over the centuries, using various materials. A process for making sandpaper was patented in the United States in June 1834 by Isaac Fischer, Jr., of Springfield, Vermont.

Today, newer and more effective materials are used to manufacture sandpaper. But the same basic process is still used. The rough surfaces still need to be smoothed out. The imperfections still need to be addressed. The potential needs to be brought out.

In many ways, our lives are like that rough, unrefined wood that needs polishing and refining. We all need God’s attention on our flaws and weaknesses. We need to be purified and perfected.

The Bible tells us that God knows every one of our flaws. He wants those impurities burned out, and the bad habits to be eliminated. He wants us to mature and experience all the benefits that He desires for us.

This often will require some form of correction and polishing. Like the work of sandpaper on a rough surface, we need to be smoothed over. We need the roughness removed.

The Bible tells us that God promises to discipline us. Why? Because He loves us and wants the best for us. Through this discipline, He is like a loving Father who shows compassion for His children (Hebrews 12:7-8).

Have you experienced God’s refining work? Don’t run away but be ready to cooperate with Him. Remember. He wants the best for you.