Receiving a Harvest

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Farmers learn quickly through experience—through every bumper crop and lost opportunity, every seed, every resource, every sunny day and rain storm. They learn the importance of timing and seasons. They discover that there’s a right and a wrong time for every activity.

They realize that every crop is unique. If they want to grow wheat, then seeds of wheat must be planted, in a specifically prepared place and at the proper time. The same process applies to every other crop.

The Bible is filled with insights about farming. Why? Because these principles apply to every part of our lives. We must realize that we all are given a wealth of “Seeds”—our talents and abilities, the skills we develop, the time we’re given, our money and possessions, our experiences and relationships. We, too, learn that growth only takes place when we “Sow” (or invest) these Seeds.

Like farmers, we need to recognize the importance of the soil and Sow in the right places if we want to receive a Harvest. We also need to grasp the significance of timing, knowing when to plant.

Today, think about how these patterns apply in your life. If you want to reap an abundant Harvest, start by surrendering your life completely to God. Fill your mind with His Word. Plant Seeds out of the time, talent, and treasure God has given you. Water your life through prayer, and eliminate “weeds” (like sin and bad habits).

As you apply these principles and Sow the Seeds you’ve been given, God promises to give you an abundant Harvest!