Reasons to Shout

Reasons to Shout

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible doesn’t tell us the specific inspiration for this psalm. But the conclusions could apply to any situation and the psalmist’s collected life experiences. He realized that God’s deeds were awesome. His power was so great that “Your enemies cringe before You” (v. 3) and “all the earth bows down to You.”

He wanted others to understand the reasons for this celebration, to “come and see what God has done.” He wanted them to realize how He had saved and helped His people in amazing ways. They could see that He “has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping” (vs. 5, 9).

The psalmist recognized that God had tested them, allowing them to go through “fire and water.” In the process, He had refined them like silver. But after bringing them through these difficult experiences, God had brought them “to a place of abundance” (v. 12).

The psalmist promised to come before Him and keep every vow he had made. He invited all who fear God to hear his testimony, so he could tell them all God had done for him.

The psalmist was so grateful and amazed by what God had done that he could not help but shout for joy and “sing the glory of his name.” As he praised God, he invited others to come and rejoice in Him as well.