Real Power

Real Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Who are the people with real power? According to a recent survey, power in the entertainment industry rests with a handful of producers, writers, actors, and executives. Often working behind the scenes, these people control content decisions that define the messages we hear and see, shaping the thoughts of consumers worldwide.

Not even one of the top 100 “most powerful people” in this survey claimed to have been influenced by Jesus or the Bible, or mentioned Christian convictions. Instead, their influences ranged from politicians to business leaders, from singers to philosophers.

These people gained fame and influence because of the visibility of their work. Whatever their personal motivations, they helped develop content with wide-ranging impact.

When we think about power, our thoughts can turn to people like these. In the political or business worlds, we see kings overseeing governments, enforcing their will. We see generals and executives governing vast empires.

These men and women may seem to have all the power. But the Bible reminds us of their limits. They may rule for a season but then are gone, like the wind. Behind the scenes, never changing, God alone has the real power.

Don’t be intimidated by people in the world. And don’t be timid about your faith. Renew your commitment to focus on God. Fearlessly stand on His Word. Put His promises into action. Remember that He rewards those who believe in Him, who live by faith, who truly trust Him.