Real or Fake?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To history, Lambert Simnel has become known simply as the “impostor.” Born on this day in 1477, he became a pawn in a highly-charged political dispute. His claim to fame: He somewhat resembled England’s King Edward IV.

It was a time when England faced a leadership crisis. Henry VII was on the throne, but many felt his claims were not legitimate. Henry thought he might solidify his position by executing the children of his rival, Edward III. But the enemies of Henry developed a shrewd plan, all based on their conclusion that Simnel looked like Edward IV.

A rumor was spread that the “princes in the Tower” (the children of Edward III) were still alive. Feeding this rumor, Edward was able to make his way to Dublin, where he was crowned as the new king. But conflicts between the competing factions intensified, eventually leading to the Battle of Stoke in June 1487 (when Simnel was only ten).

In this battle, the forces of King Henry VII were victorious. While Simnel was captured, the feeling was that he only had been a pawn. Escaping serious punishment, Simnel was employed in the royal kitchens, where he worked the rest of his life.

(In an ironic twist, recently research has uncovered evidence that Simnel possibly may have been a legitimate heir to the throne, and not an “impostor” after all.)

Jesus warned us that we could expect many kinds of spiritual impostors. People who might appear genuine. Remember, Satan himself can appear to be an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). His angels also can seem attractive and legitimate.

In your life, be on guard against impostors. Stand on God’s Word. Ask Him for discernment, and seek the leading of His Spirit.