Ready When God Speaks

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It seemed to Lou Gehrig that he would never have a chance to play baseball regularly for the New York Yankees. He was a young prospect with potential, but Wally Pipp was a Yankee fixture at his position as first baseman. Finally, on June 1, 1925, Gehrig was given the chance be a pinch-hitter. No one could have known that this was the turning point of his life.

The next day, Pipp had a headache and Gehrig started at first base in his place. Pipp never got his starting job back. Gehrig proved to be so outstanding and durable that he played in 2,130 consecutive games. When the door opened, Gehrig was ready.

Many people hope for defining moments when the doors will open for them. Yet no one can predict when these moments will take place.

The same can be said for our relationship with God. Ezekiel is an example of a man who was ready when He called (Ezekiel 1:1-3). Ezekiel simply was going about his life when God spoke. But, then and later, he consistently demonstrated that he was ready.

However, some people were not ready. God showed Ezekiel 70 elders who were doing things “in the dark, each in his room of images.” They thought God did not see them, and they were not ready for His visitation. Of course, God did see them. And they never received the blessing He had prepared.

So the examples are before us. Do we want to be like the elders who assumed they could do whatever they wanted and thought no one was watching? Or do we want to be like Ezekiel, always diligent, always ready to serve the Lord?

Today, remember that God is watching you. Seek to be faithful, always ready for your assignment or open door.